Raise Her Up – Creativity and Curriculum

Episode 8 of the GDST podcast is now available for download

This week on Raise Her Up, we are talking about creativity. Covid showed us how to do many things differently, and one example has been fresh and creative approaches to learning. In the midst of lockdown, free from the confines of the exam specification, the GDST launched Guided Home Learning, and teachers across the GDST Family were asked to contribute to a Masterclasses Programme not tied to exam syllabi. We got creative at home too, incorporating learning into our daily statutory hour of exercise, baking banana bread, and developing new skills from not being bound to SATs, GCSEs and A Levels. So, should we be prioritising creativity over exams when it comes to learning?

Episode 8’s expert guest is Dr Cathy Rogers. The breadth and success of her career may make it impossible to categorise her, but certainly embodies her creative and diverse approach. Channel 4 presenter, TV executive, food entrepreneur, writer, and most recently, neuroscientist. Cathy’s research is concerned with children’s creativity – what can get in its way and what can really make it fly? And why should we even care about it? How can we as educators, parents and carers help to nurture our children’s creativity at home and in school – and how can this help them to learn and develop?

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