Clive Fretwell delivers Cooking Masterclass to students

The Executive Chef of Raymond Blanc treated students in Year 10 and 11 to a cooking masterclass

Last Friday we had a very exciting guest in our Food lesson. Clive Fretwell, Executive Chef of Raymond Blanc, hosted two Masterclasses: one on mother sauces and emulsions, and the other on presentation, balance, and colour on the plate. It was an amazing experience and inspired many of the Year 10 and 11 students.

As Clive cooked, we were allowed to taste each sauce and variation he made. We also got to taste each stage of the cooking process of the eggs in hollandaise sauce. In the presentation Masterclass, we were shown many photos of beautiful plates of food from his kitchen. He went through in detail, explaining what each element was, how it was made and its purpose in the dish. At the end we got to play around with the presentation of a dish on our own; Clive had made a chocolate delice beforehand and brought different garnishes and elements to add to the dish. We were each given a slice and a plate and allowed to present the dish however we wanted. We were also allowed to eat it in the end.

He was very warm, cheerful, and friendly and it was amazing to have him in school. We got to ask him questions about his career and anything generally at the end. It was awesome!


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