Chemistree Christmas Cracker returns with a bang!

The feature Christmas event returned to the live stage this year, as Mrs Hodgetts-Tate and Mr Turney put on a show for the ages!

On Thursday 9 December, the Northampton High School community was treated to one of our favourite festive events – Mrs Hodgetts-Tate’s Chemistree Christmas Cracker! The much-loved event returned to the live stage this year after 2020’s brilliant virtual show, and a capacity Senior Hall were left mesmerised from start to finish by the amazing experiments demonstrated.

This year, Mrs H-T and Mr Turney took the audience on a magical journey though the wizarding world of Harry Potter, with each experiment representing a famous spell from the books and films. ‘Aguamenti’, ‘Lumos’ and ‘Bombardo’ were just a few of the spells cast during the show, which helped to demonstrate fascinating chemical experiments and reactions such as the ‘Hydrogen Balloon’, ‘Vanishing Water’ and the crowd favourite ‘Whoosh Bottle’!

Our fantastic Sixth Form students were on hand to explain the all important chemistry to the crowd whilst the experiments were being conducted, as they sought out willing volunteers from the audience to help with the magic by casting the spells and chants from their seats. The show was closed in traditional fashion, with Mrs Hodgetts-Tate’s ‘Marauders Map’ revealing a heartwarming Christmas message from Mr Turney.

Another unforgettable evening of entertainment that is certain to live long in the memory. A huge thank you goes to our wonderful audience, to our amazing Sixth Formers, and of course, to Mrs Hodgetts-Tate and Mr Turney for all of their hard work in making the event a reality. We are delighted to have captured the event in video form this year, and you can view it for yourself by clicking here.

Until next year; ‘Mischief Managed’.


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