Raise Her Up – International Day of the Girl

The special episode of the GDST Podcast was released to celebrate International Day of the Girl

To celebrate #InternationalDayoftheGirl, the GDST are delighted to have released a special episode of the #RaiseHerUp podcast, where they speak to writer & columnist Chloe Combi all about ‘Generation A’.

Join us as we explore how this generation are navigating their way through adolescence amid the perennial themes and challenges of social media, independence, sexuality, mental health – and all as we rebuild after Covid. How do they see themselves? What does it mean to be a female member of Gen A? And what are our roles as educators, parents and carers in nurturing them? It’s a fascinating episode, we hope you enjoy it.

Listen here, https://bit.ly/3v36jHl, or find #RaiseHerUp wherever you get your podcasts from.


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