Raise Her Up – GDST Podcasts

The podcast series has been launched on the back of the successful ‘GDST Talks’ series

We are delighted to let you know that the GDST launched its podcast series, ‘Raise Her Up’ on 8 September.

This podcast builds on the success of last academic year’s GDST Talks programme and will feature fortnightly episodes, focusing on broad topics around wellbeing, health, parenting and equality which as parents and educators we are bound to encounter. Forthcoming episodes feature expert guest speakers covering subjects such as gender equal parenting, Generation A, the teenage development journey, navigating the ‘new normal’ post-Covid, and dealing with eco-anxiety – amongst other topics which we hope you will find relevant, informative and engaging.

The trailer and first episode, on ‘Learning To Live With Covid’ are available here; going forward, new episodes will be available fortnightly Wednesdays on this same link, as well as on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Google and any other platforms usually used for podcasts.  You may find it easier to subscribe so that you are more easily able to access new episodes.

We would welcome your feedback on any topics you’d be interested in learning about; please email the podcast host Cathy Walker on c.walker@wes.gdst.net to share your ideas.


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