Northampton High students demonstrate learning without limits

We are absolutely delighted with our students as they earn an outstanding set of GCSE results from Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs)


Year 11 students at Northampton High School GDST have earned themselves an outstanding set of GCSE results from Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs).

Acting Head, Adele O’Doherty, praised the students, commenting “Every student has truly earned these grades despite the absence of external exams. They have worked extremely hard and undertaken a range of teacher-graded assessments, and we are confident the results reflect their achievements over their GCSE years”.

“Students have taken on the challenges presented to them – lockdowns, working in isolation, periods of quarantine and online lessons through Guided Home Learning – with grace and determination; they have shown resilience and have maintained their motivation throughout”, Mrs O’Doherty said. “We couldn’t be more delighted at how the students have achieved during these unprecedented times”.

She continued, “As the pupils had more free time than is usual in the summer term, we offered them a two week long Limitless Learning Programme.  During these weeks a large number of students began working on an Extended Project (EPQ), attended conversational seminars on books of interest, undertook workshops on leadership skills, cookery skills and topics of historical interest.  I am sure all who participated, will have gained a huge amount from the sessions and will begin their Sixth Form studies, well equipped and raring to go!”.

Mrs O’Doherty praised the staff and students who have continued to work hard and with much adaptability over the last academic year.


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