U3 Palette Knife Landscapes

We are delighted to share with you these excellent pieces of artwork completed by our U3 pupils

In this display you can see how the students experimented with mark making through palette knife work. Acrylic paint was applied to the palette and then students selected different shapes and edges of knives to vary the length, quality and width of lines.

We used words such as swipe, stipple, blend, marble and scratch to describe our work. Not very complex words but nonetheless, important considerations when using these tools. The work, I hope you will agree, is refreshing, energetic and expressionistic, with a new approach for Year 7 artists in their landscape painting. Moving away from realistic colour and blended brushwork was fun and has broadened our horizons into Fine Art processes.

I hope that everybody is looking forward to the holidays and perhaps packing their travel watercolours on a local walk or staycation?

Mrs Beacroft
Head of Creative Arts


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