School community donates old uniform to worthy cause

We are delighted to have donated old items from our Swap Shop to the organization Eve

We are delighted to report that after a long search for a suitable home for some of the old school uniforms donated to Swap Shop over the years we have just given a selection of old blazers and other items to the organisation Eve.

Eve is an organisation that provides help to women facing domestic abuse and has been running a refuge in Northamptonshire for the past 35 years; the donated clothing will be available for children in very difficult circumstances so hopefully, this donation will have a positive social impact as well as an environmental one.

We would particularly like to highlight the instrumental role of Elena W, one of our Year 13 students, who was proactive in contacting Eve to arrange the donation and then painstakingly unpicked the old school logos from the blazers to ready them for donation. Thanks very much to Elena for her hard work on this project. Thanks are also due to Mrs Crowley who has patiently organised and stored the old school uniforms until we could identify a suitable organisation to donate them to.


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