Reading and the Arts Festival

As part of our #VirtualArtsFestival2021, we welcomed some of Northampton High’s very own authors to speak to students

During last week’s Virtual Arts Festival, we were delighted to see the resident authors in school talking about their work, showcasing their skills and talent, giving their audiences a real treat as well as providing inspiration for summer reading!

Mr Donaldson spoke to the U3 during Form time on the morning of Tuesday 22 June, about writing and publishing his book Rain Town, explaining how he began writing his story on the drive to school each morning, thinking about characters, and developing the plot. Rain Town tells the story of everyman Sydney Rain and his son, Stanley, who live ordinary lives in an ordinary town. Sydney’s life unfortunately begins to unravel and a local entrepreneur takes over the academy Stanley attends; father and son in their different ways decide action is needed. When asked what advice he would give aspiring authors, Mr Donaldson replied that reading is always key! Read more about Rain Town here.

On Thursday 24 June, the Mbawa sisters, Aiyven and Kirsten, spoke to the Year 6 girls in Junior School about writing and publishing their respective books, Land of Nurogens: The Zest for Quest, a fantasy story, and Sagas of Anya, which is historical. The girls’ achievements are particularly impressive given they are in Years 7 and 8 at the moment, and Aiyven 10 years of age when she wrote her book. The girls explained how they went about financing and self-publishing their stories, all of which was complicated by the Covid pandemic. You can find out more about the girls’ endeavours on their website.

We thank our wonderful authors for their time, for what were two insightful sessions for our students.


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