Girls’ Schools Association Creative Writing Competition

Congratulations to Harriet and Risara who were both commended for their fantastic entries

Congratulations to Harriet F, who came 3rd in the Key Stage 3/4 Prose category of the GSA Creative Writing Competition, and Risara S, who was highly commended for her entry in the KS2 Competition. We hope you enjoy their entries below:

‘As One’ by Harriet F, L4

It’s morning again and I wake up unenthusiastic. I pull back the colourless curtains and frown as I discover it is dark and drizzly outside. It’s just a repeat, over and over, I hate it.  

School begins and I listen silently to the random glitching of the voices of my friends who I so long to hear in real life, the faint tapping of my fingers on the keyboard trying to finish work quickly and the little voice in my head telling me to give up.  

My head is torn in two; I am angry and hurt, but also fearful for none of us are sure what’s going to happen. What did we do to deserve this harrowing silence that is keeping us all from actually living?  

Lunch comes and I eat alone, and then more work and no one else around to help. My head pounds, I cannot bear to stare at an unworthy screen for any longer, yet I am unable to look away for even when I am not working it is an escape from reality, an excuse to stop socialising, an excuse to hide away.  

The end of the day comes. I shudder in fear at the thought of going back to real school the next day, not because I do not want to but because I have forgotten how to make good conversation, I have forgotten the joy of being part of a team.  

Evening comes, enveloping me in darkness and I stare at the white washed ceiling, a blank expression on my face, until with blinding clarity it suddenly all makes sense- I realise, I am weak and vulnerable by myself, my strength lies in being part of a community and that should never be left behind. 

Alone there is little we can do; together there are a 1000 more possibilities. 

‘Shine Light in the Darkness’ by Risara S, 4N  

In these deep, dark days, we have learnt to be strong even though this pandemic feels like it’s stayed for too long. The clouds keep going so we can too, even though sometimes it feels like we are stuck with glue.

Darkness will stay if we don’t make it light so we must flip the switch and make everything bright. If everyone one is happy the day will shine and all the invisible strings will tug, even mine. Everyday may seem to get more and more boring but you shouldn’t think negative or your happiness may stop calling.

Each day should be made bold and you shouldn’t need to be told and told that… Only light shines in the darkness so always bring in light not dark. 


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