‘Where are they now’ – Shefali

We were delighted to catch up with former pupil Shefali to find out what she has been up too since leaving Northampton High

It is always great to hear from our former pupils, and celebrate the successes they have enjoyed since they left Northampton High. It’s amazing to catch up and learn about their individual triumphs; be they at university, in the world of work, or personally, and hearing about their aspirations for the future.

Today, we speak to former pupil, Shefali, who left Northampton High to study at the University of Warwick in 2018, about her life since leaving school and an exciting new career opportunity in Geneva!

“Earlier this year I was thinking about what to do after finishing my degree (a few weeks away now!) and I decided to apply for a Master’s programme, since the job market is pretty bleak currently. My three years have highlighted my real interests in politics – diplomacy and humanitarian assistance – and so I’ve written my dissertation about the United Nations and whether collective security can adapt to 21st Century threats to international peace and security. Having very much fallen in love with this topic, I wanted to study a Master’s programme that focused on this, but my options in the UK were not incredibly diverse! 

So I applied to the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland, which is an Institute that specialises in International Relations, Development Studies and Issues. I figured I wouldn’t get in, as they have a pretty low acceptance rate and take students from all over the world. Recently though, I found out that I have been accepted onto their 2-year Master’s in Development Studies programme, for September enrolment! 

I’ll hopefully be moving out to Geneva in September – until then, all fingers will be crossed for restrictions lifting on international travel. Whilst it’s quite a daunting prospect for me, I’m excited to start a new adventure. Perhaps I’ll send a postcard from Lake Geneva one day – look out for it in the post!”

Congratulations Shefali on this fantastic achievement, we wish you all the very best with your exciting new opportunity – and we look forward to receiving that postcard! We are excited to speak to more members of our Northampton High School family over the coming weeks and months, and we look forward to sharing their stories with you.


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