Undivided: GDST Student Council engages all 25 schools

It was fantastic to take part in the newly launched GDST Student Council

In April, we were delighted to hold the first meetings of the newly launched GDST Student Council for Undivided, championing the student voice for inclusion and diversity. The meetings – one for the Junior/Prep School-aged students and one for the Senior School/Sixth Form age group – kicked off the GDST Student Council for Diversity, with the aim of sharing what is working well in the 25 Trust schools, collaborating to develop strategy, building awareness and changing behaviours in this critical area.

Tendo from Year 5 represented Northampton High’s Junior School and our Senior School/Sixth Form representative is Millie from Year 12. In both sessions, the students were welcomed by Trust CEO, Cheryl Giovannoni, introduced to the GDST Charter for Action by the GDST Undivided Steering Committee, and then participated in a ‘Show and Tell’ session, explaining initiatives promoting inclusion and diversity from each of the GDST schools.

Both Tendo and Millie gave a range of examples of how diversity is celebrated in school, speaking confidently and enthusiastically about their own experiences at Northampton High. Already from this first meeting, our minds were buzzing with ideas of how we can grow our inclusivity and how we can engage the whole student body.

We are excited to be part of this focussed, forward-looking group and will report on the Student Council’s next steps to further evolve inclusivity in our schools.


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