TV presenter Grace Webb visits to talk to students about ‘Forces’

The popular children’s television host visited ‘Science Week’ to deliver two bespoke virtual talks

Students in the Junior School were treated to a very special surprise, when they were joined in their lessons by a famous guest! Grace Webb, best known for hosting the popular CBeebies programme ‘Grace’s Amazing Machines’, joined students via Zoom to deliver two interactive talks, and was met with cheers and excitement as she appeared on the classroom smart screens! Grace spent time talking to pupils about forces, explaining to captivated students how different forces affect the machines she operates on the programme. Pupils had a wonderful time learning about friction, gravity, air resistance and more, whilst also hearing more from Grace about the awesome machines she has used filming her show, such as the fantastic battery powered surfboard!

Grace was invited to Northampton High by our Head of Science, Karla Hodgetts-Tate, to be a part of our special ‘Science Week’, an annual event in which students celebrated all things scientific with a host of exciting activities, experiments and guest speakers. The Guardian newspaper CEO Annette Thomas was one of many esteemed guests who joined Grace to deliver special virtual sessions throughout the week, with the students embracing the wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in their respective fields.


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