Happy Birthday Northampton High School!

We were delighted to celebrate our school’s 143rd birthday with lots of exciting activities

With Northampton High School turning 143 years old on Sunday 2 May, we were delighted to mark the occasion with a special celebration in school at the first opportunity, on the Tuesday following the Bank Holiday weekend.

Students and staff were treated to the sight of balloons and bunting adorning our Junior and Senior reception areas in the morning, ahead of our special celebratory assembly, in which the birthday cake was cut by Mrs Petryszak, our Head Girl and our youngest Reception pupil.

Pupils were treated to delicious doughnuts at break time as the festivities continued, with students spending time reminiscing about their favourite school moments, some of which are captured below:

“Almost all my memories of the school’s birthdays involve some sort of cake or sweet treat shared at break time! However, the one that stands out is the 140th birthday celebrations, with the entire school gathering for one big assembly and the youngest and eldest in the school cutting a cake together.

One of my favourite memories of my time here is the excitement I felt to watch the Senior House plays as a Year 6 student; I remember clearly wanting our Junior play to be every bit as exciting as theirs looked. The fun of it definitely lived up to my expectations!” – Evie B, 6G2

“I have been at Northampton High since Nursery and I’ve made so many lovely memories over the years. The school birthday has always been an occasion I’ve enjoyed; I can remember one year there was a big, beautiful cake on display with these amazing decorations, and of course every year we would all get cupcakes to celebrate.

I think generally my favourite memories at school are those when we all come together. For example, Sports Day and all our House events. The atmosphere is so joyous and everyone always has so much fun. I will definitely cherish all these memories when I leave”. – Shri K, 6G2

“My first recollection of the school birthday was probably when I was around 6 or so, as the Headteacher in Junior School at the time (Mrs Nugent) let me light one of the candles in assembly and I was utterly thrilled to be using matches in school!! Having been here for 15 years, many of my fondest memories have taken place here, from learning to read and count as a rambunctious toddler, to despairing during A Level lessons as a lethargic teenager!

I especially remember the utter terror we had of walking through the lunch hall in our little blue summer dresses with seemingly giant and very noisy Senior School girls milling around everywhere – an interesting juxtaposition to now, where we’re more liable to complain over the tiny Year 7s completely ignoring general school etiquette and getting in our way!” – Ruby H, 6D2


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