GDST Talks: Healthy Eating for Positive Mood and Positive Study

We are delighted to welcome back Marissa Carrarini to school virtually on Thursday 13 May

Nutritional therapist Marissa Carrarini returns to Northampton High on Thursday 13 May as part of our GDST Talks’ Healthy Eating series.

This time, Marissa will be addressing Healthy Eating for Positive Mood and Positive Study. As exam season approaches, albeit in a different format this year, our thoughts as educators and parents turn to how to support our young people as they embark upon the task of revision. In this presentation, Marissa will give insights into how the food we eat can have an impact on our mood and mindset which, of course, is integral to our ability to focus, to retain and to recall.

This talk is open to parents and to students, and Marissa will share advice to both encourage students to thrive and feel confident in their learning, and help parents to support them. We invite you to book your free ticket for the talk by clicking here, and, as always, we welcome your feedback on which topics you would like to see featured in future GDST Talks events.


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