University of Cambridge Economics Day

Our 6.1 Economics students took part in the virtual study day at the University of Cambridge

On Friday 26 March, our 6.1 Economics group participated in a virtual study day with the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge. Professor Tony Cockerill (whose wife Janet is a former student) invited us to join the day which includes a lecture entitled “The UK economy after Brexit” which provided the students with some detailed current analysis of our economy including the impact of the global pandemic.

The students then worked in groups to produce a short presentation which is to be delivered via Zoom to a panel of experts from the University of Cambridge, Manchester Business School and University of East Anglia and other teachers and students from the other invited schools.

Our teams picked the following topics for their presentations:

1 – How can the level and rate of growth of productivity (output per hour) be increased so as to drive faster economic growth? Dominic Cummings, formerly Prime Minister Johnson’s Chief Adviser, argues for an Advanced Research and Science Agency that is completely independent of Government and the Civil Service. Do you agree?

2 – What can be done to repair the damage that is being done to education and to students’ life-chances by the Covid-19 recession?

At the time of writing the girls are linking with their colleagues in China and those working from home to prepare their presentations with the assistance of some well deserved cake!


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