Dr Thomas has three books published!

Our Psychology teacher is delighted to see her work be immortalized in print form.

A member of the Northampton High School family has seen their work immortalised in print form, with the publication of her own books.

Dr Sheila Thomas, Teacher of Psychology at Northampton High, has had three books published: one, a textbook for A Level Psychology (which she is currently teaching in the school), and two creative pieces – a collection of monologues called ‘Six Kinds of Love’, and a play entitled ‘A Journalist Arrives’, based on J.B. Priestley’s play, ‘An Inspector Calls’, which she has reworked for the 21st century and which deals with modern day cancel culture.

Alongside these three releases, Dr Thomas also has a book of AQA Psychology A Level Research Methods Practice Questions (pictured above) being released on 28 February. All of Dr Thomas’ other published works are available to be viewed at Amazon, Waterstones, Blackwells and Book Depository websites as a preview, and will be available for purchase at the end of March.

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement, Dr Thomas!



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