Year 3 and 4 GDST Junior Art Collaboration

Students from the Junior School will team up with other schools across the GDST

Year 3 and 4 are very excited to be part of this new Art project, collaborating with pupils from GDST schools in Newcastle, Sheffield, Streatham & Clapham and Howell’s in Cardiff.  The project launched last week with an exploration of the life and work of British contemporary artist, Maggi Hambling.

Maggi loves to watch the sea and creates expressive seascapes and wave paintings. At the start of the week, students used collected papers to create wave collages and ended the week responding in a more open-ended way to photographs of crashing waves.

Two pupils will be chosen to represent our school in a meeting after half term, where they can talk about their piece of work and experiences of the project and give feedback to pupils from other collaborating schools.

A highlight will be the opportunity to have work displayed digitally in an online GDST gallery. In the week after half term, we will be experimenting with optical illusions and looking at the work of artist Bridget Riley


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