Top of the Rocks: Let the battle commence!

Students in Junior School loved taking part in the GDST initiative virtually last week

Students in the Junior School have buzzed with excitement over the past four days, learning their multiplication facts, and I am now known as ’Jet Snare’: my newly adopted rock star name! How times have changed, and you may be wondering why…

Well, this week we have taken part in the GDST ‘Top of the Rocks’ competition using the innovative application, Times Tables Rock Stars; an app that makes learning multiplication facts fun and exciting using colourful games and enabling students to challenge each other, as well as students from around the world using their own rock star pseudonyms.

The fact that this app can tailor the student’s learning according to their progress is, of course, a valuable bonus!

So how did we do? As teachers we have been amazed and delighted at the students’ response to this app and this is reflected in their achievements over the past four days. However, a special mention must go to the following students for their exceptional contributions to this competition:

Eloise (Year 6) for achieving 1st place at Northampton High School with 7279 points, Fern (Year 6) for achieving 2nd place at Northampton High School with 6495 points, Safiya (Year 5) for achieving 3rd place at Northampton High School with 5406 points, Angeline (Year 3) for achieving 4th place at Northampton High School with 4857 points, 6N for achieving 66th place in the overall competition, against classes from competing GDST schools

Mrs Fordham – Year 6 Teacher


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