School success in Debating and Public Speaking events!

It’s been a busy few weeks for the High School’s debaters and public speakers

In late January, our 6.1 debating team prepped rigorously for the ESU Schools’ Mace competition, with Zara K, Freya T and Jodie W narrowly missing out on a spot in the regional semi-final. They performed very strongly against Stamford Endowed Schools, arguing for the retention of educational information on CVs, and were especially commended by the judges for their firm responses to questions. On Monday 8 February at 5pm they will be joined by Sarah H, Korena K and Sophie T-L for a set of friendly debates against other GDST schools.

Last Friday, Hannah S (U5), came runner-up in the semi-final of the GDST’s Chrystall Carter Prize for Public Speaking, with a very well-received speech on Artificial Intelligence (Grace from Howell’s pipped her to the post). Hannah deserves all the more praise, for being the only competitor to have been in the midst of her GCSE spring assessments! The High School hosted the event and we were very grateful to our judging panel of Annabel Amos (BBC Radio Northampton), Maggie Halsall (Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce) and Chris Powis (University of Northampton) for giving up their time and providing us with their expert feedback.

On Tuesday 2 February, two U4 public speaking teams competed against Caistor Grammar School in the first round of the ESU-Churchill Public Speaking Competition. The speakers for the High School were Anika K (on cancel culture) and Anushka T (on diversity in the history curriculum), with Mary A and Mia H questioners, and Tevini D and Leona R chairpersons. The presentations were truly first rate.

Retired Air Chief Marshall Sir Michael Graydon, in the audience, noted that these were “some of the best” performances he had had the pleasure of hearing over the course of many years. We were delighted that Anushka, Leona and Mia are through to the regional semi-final, while Tevini won best chairperson of the evening and Anushka won best speaker of the evening.


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