Ross Welford visits Northampton High virtually!

We are delighted to share this report of the author’s visit written by our Year 6 Librarians Florence, Lois and Odelia!

Ross Welford, the famous young people’s author, has written many books such as the ‘1000-year-old boy’ and his latest book, ‘When We Got Lost in Dreamland’ and meeting him virtually was truly amazing! I think we speak for everyone when saying we all had a wonderful time. 

When Ross was a child, he loved to read Enid Blyton books such as ‘The Secret Seven and Mallory Towers’. He also loved comic books. Ross talked about the thing that really inspired him to write, magic. He said that his all-time favourite book is a magic book. On the Zoom call he showed us all a magic trick called, ‘The Time Travel Rope’ trick, a subject he has written about in his fabulous book, ‘Time Travelling with a Hamster’. We also enjoyed an interactive activity where Ross showed us how to write the opener of a good story, something that really grips the reader from the beginning – we loved writing this! 

Ross Welford is an entertaining author and you should definitely check out his books if you are looking for an exciting, original and entertaining read!

Florence, Lois and Odelia
Year 6 Librarians


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