GDST Light it up workshop at the Royal Institution

Junior School students attended the GDST led event virtually for a day of scientific fun and excitement

Last week, our Junior School students were afforded a special treat, as we took part in the GDST led ‘Light it up’ virtual experience.

Students really enjoyed the workshop; we learned all about fire, making colours with lights, flash cotton, refraction and lots more! Dani and Jemma, our amazing hosts, demonstrated lots of experiments. Students interacted with lots of insightful questions, which the hosts were more than happy to answer.

One of the exciting experiments conducted involved spraying different elements on a blowtorch, and watching on as different colours formed, such as green, white and orange. The next experiment was the flash cotton, which is a special type of cotton that had been soaked in nitrogen, it was set on fire and it flashed up in bright flames. Dani and Jemma also showed us how to make colours using light. We made purple, green, blue, red, orange, yellow and white; all the colours of the rainbow!

A wonderful and informative day of scientific fun. Thank you to the GDST for arranging this wonderful day!


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