GDST Get’s Active!

We are delighted to join in with the GDST initiative during the month of February

Throughout the month of February we will be joining with other GDST schools and competing for the accolade of ‘Most Active’ school.

We invite you all to get involved simply by logging the distance you travel through almost any activity you undertake during the month; walking, running, cycling, skipping and rowing are just some examples!

Every time you undertake your daily exercise, your daughter can log the distance for all family members via our Get Active Form. Ideally we would like everyone to also upload evidence in the form of a screenshot or photo which can be added to the form.

Pupils in Senior School will be able to use their afternoon Games session to Get Active outside as long as they register with their Games teacher first.  You should log your activity each day you complete it (there is no limit to number of entries on the form) because there will be a GDST leader board shared each Friday.

We would love you to share photos of your families Getting Active on social media using #GDSTGetActive and tagging @NorthamptonHigh.

Pupils have received full information about how to join in and as an added element of competition we are logging House totals within school and keeping a leader board.

Join in, connect with the community, and Get Active!


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