6.1 Debate team take part in GDST competition

Students debate topics such as ‘This House believes that vaccinations should be made compulsory in the UK’ and more

On Monday 8 February, the 6.1 Debate Team had the opportunity to take part in a competition with three other GDST schools – Bath, Howell’s and Shrewsbury.

Freya T, Zara and Sophie T-L formed Team 1, debating against Bath with the aptly topical title ‘This House believes that vaccinations should be made compulsory in the UK’, whilst Sarah and Korena K and I formed Team 2, facing Shrewsbury with the title ‘This House believes that democracy cannot truly exist in the modern age’, and Shrewsbury and Howell’s debated each other with the title ‘This House believes that the sale of human organs for profit should be legalized’.

This debate was hugely insightful and engaging, as we were able to interact with students from across the GDST with topical and interesting debates. We were joined by two judges from the Oxford Union and it was incredibly useful to hear their feedback, following the event. As there were three debates, we also had the opportunity to observe one another and this was thought-provoking, enabling us to ask questions to those debating.

The judges chose Howell’s as the winner with Northampton High Team 1 and Bath as runners up. Thank you to Mr Viesel for organising the event and thank you to the members of both teams for participating. We hope to engage in further debates as we head into the second half of term.


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