Students cook tasty treats at home in Food Technology!

Lots of tasty dishes have been on the menu as students refine their culinary skills as part of Guided Home Learning

As part of our Guided Home Learning for Food, our students across the Senior School have worked really hard and have produced some wonderful, tasty treats over the course of the last week!

Covering lots of different food types, the level of work produced has been excellent, and we have been reliably informed that the finished dishes taste as good as they look; we are delighted to show you some completed meals here!

Firstly, here are some pictures of the ‘Brilliant Bolognese’ produced by our Y7/U3 students. Some of the key learning points practiced in creating this dish were: Preparing and frying vegetables, handling and cooking raw meat (if using) and boiling and simmering. Well done!

Another amazing (and equally tasty) dish produced by students this week were these fantastic Spring Rolls made by Y9/U4. The presentation shown here is wonderful, with the key learning points here being: Finely chopping/grating vegetables and spices, stir frying, accurately wrapping and rolling, and modifying the recipe. Great work!


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