6.1 Business and Economics students invest in the ‘fantasy’ stock market!

Students invested their virtual £1,000 in companies such as Tesco, Just Eat and Barclays with fantastic results

At the end of last term, the 6.1 Business and Economics students were given £1000 each to invest in FTSE100 shares on the stock market. Unfortunately, this wasn’t ‘real’ money (the Department budget doesn’t run to that!) but the girls spent a little bit of lesson time picking their investments. Different methods of selection were used: perhaps a firm the students had read about, perhaps one of their grown ups’ employers, perhaps a completely random selection using a pin!

The students used their broader knowledge of the business environment to select a range of companies for investment including Tesco, SSE, Astra Zeneca, Just Eat and Barclays. We have been monitoring the share prices and portfolios and we are pleased to announce that the best performing portfolios belong to Isabelle K (Business) and Grace S (Economics), each making a 17% return on their investment as a result of their astute purchase of Just Eat shares! Well done girls!


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