Erasmus+ – Creativity & Digital Competences

Northampton High collaborates on the project with schools from across Europe

In 2018, when the staff from the five participating schools in Northampton, Amberg, Budapest, Porto and Riga collaborated on our project submission entitled ‘Creativity and Digital Competences for the 21st Century’ who could have foreseen how relevant these skills would become during the Covid-19 global pandemic?

We have seen in our own school community how staff and girls have embraced the challenges, honed digital skills, thought outside the box and produced the most amazing creative pieces, beyond anything we could have imagined. Our Erasmus+ project should now be drawing to a close, having hosted our own mobility in April 2020. Obviously this did not take place, however, our project has been extended and we hope to share more about this with you in the autumn term, together with a virtual exhibition of our project on Inspiring Women.

Below are some of the reflections from our Erasmus+ ambassadors, whose disappointment about our cancelled mobility just made them even more determined to connect with their friends across Europe.

To read more about our Erasmus+ project, including the thoughts and experiences of our ambassadors Daria, Claudia and Anisha, please click here. We hope you enjoy the below photos from our trip to Riga.


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