Quiz Night fundraiser held in aid of Coronavirus

Sixth Form students held a quiz night with the proceeds donated towards those affected by Coronavirus

On Thursday 7 May, Shri in 6.1 hosted a Virtual Quiz Night for all year 12 students. The event was organised to raise money for our local Northampton Community Foundation, with the proceeds directed towards those affected by Coronavirus, an issue that is very relevant and one to which they all wanted to contribute.

For the first time since the school closure, the year group was able to come together on a massive Zoom call for a bit of fun. After prepping their general knowledge, they did a series of Kahoot quizzes with the winners being Ffion, Georgie and Evie.

It was lovely for the girls to catch up and see faces they hadn’t seen in a long time! We are very grateful to all the girls who donated so generously to the NCF JustGiving page, raising over £130.

Thank you very much to all the 6.1s who took part!


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