Kirsten sees her debut novel published!

U3 student Kirsten has seen her book ‘Saga’s of Anya’ published after a successful KickStarter campaign.

Back in March, we shared news that U3 student and aspiring author Kirsten made it onto the front pages of ‘Kickstarter’, in a campaign to get her first novel published. Along with her sister Aiyven, Kirsten needed to raise £5,000 on the fundraising platform in order for their books – ‘Sagas of Anya’ and ‘Land of the Nurogons’ – to be published.

The KickStarter campaign proved to be a smash hit and gained a lot of viral attention, with their fundraising page even featuring on the ‘Projects We Love’ section of the website, being viewed by thousands worldwide. The girls invited pledges to support their project and offered a number of incentives as thanks for their donations, including signed copies of the published books, exclusive memorabilia and more; and with time to spare, the campaign exceeded expectations raising over £5,500.

Kirsten and Aiyven were inspired to write their first books after competing in the BBC Radio 500 Words competition, and have now seen their hard work and passion brought to life and immortalised in hard back form. The first run of books have now been printed and are available to be purchased online on Amazon, or by visiting

Congratulations Kirsten on this fantastic achievement. We look forward to following your journey as an author and adding your novel to our school library!


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