Welcome back and Guided Home Learning update

We are delighted to begin to welcome students back into Junior School, as our students continue to excel with Guided Home Learning,

As we begin to welcome back our students into Junior School, it has been fantastic to see their smiling faces filling up our classrooms once more.

Although it has been great to open our doors to some of our younger students, Guided Home Learning (GHL) is still ongoing and it is great to see the superb work being completed by our students and hearing of their general experiences of life in lockdown; examples of which you will see during this article.

As GHL continues, we have asked our students for their feedback and thoughts on how it is working for them, what they have got out of the experience, and more; we are delighted to share with you some of the responses we have received from both students at home, and the thoughts of our Junior students who have come back to school this week, alongside the comments of some of our members of staff.

Junior School


I felt like I was becoming more responsible for getting on with my work independently.

GHL has been very good; there was always something to do and there were plenty of extra challenges.

GHL was good because we were able to choose when we started and finished work each day.

I liked GHL because my family were able to help me with my work.  It was like having two teachers!

I like GHL because we could choose what order we did our work in.

In School

It is so lovely seeing my friends again in school.

Being at school helps me to concentrate more.

I like being back at school because there are so many people who can help me.

I like the structure to our day that we get at school.

Back at school we have learnt how to socially distance when playing sports! 

Senior School

I love the feeling of responsibility – in a strange way, I think that GHL has helped me prepare for Sixth Form better than I would have usually.

It has been nice that we can still keep in touch with the teachers.

I have realised as a student how self-motivated I am, especially during these times.

I have really enjoyed doing creative and practical work even though we are at home.

I’ve been able to spend more time with my family at home, and have been able to get on top of things I previously ‘never had the time’ to do.

My time during lockdown has made me appreciate my family and what they do for me more! I don’t know what I could do without them!

My time in lockdown was quite good as I was always able to find something new and fun to do after my lessons and I really enjoyed learning new things.

I’ve been working on my art – it’s been a while since I’ve had enough spare time to draw, but now I’m drawing nearly everyday.

I have learnt to make small little teddies in my textile lessons; we have been making monster teddies and now we will be starting fashion! I’m very excited!

Sign language has been my new skill. I’m working at it quite slowly but really enjoying it!


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