Years 5 and 6 present their Play in a Week – ‘Scheherazade’

Students from the Junior School put together their performance in just 4 days, culminating in a live performance on Thursday 13 February

“Looking around an old and forgotten junk shop, a group of children discover a dust covered book entitled, “Tales of the Arabian Nights”. A mysterious Old Woman suddenly appears and begins to tell the tale of Scheherazade. The Princess weaves a web of enticing tales over 1001 nights, freeing the Sultan from an evil curse and saving the lives of many women...”

The above is an exciting insight into the plot of the chosen tale for this year’s Play in a Week spectacular, Scheherazade! Play in a Week is an ambitious and thrilling event, which is undertaken by students in Years 5 and 6 each academic year. The girls are tasked to learn, rehearse and perform a classic play within the space of just one week (or in this year’s case, 4 days!)

In an activity that helps to develop confidence, deeper thinking and teamwork, students rose to the challenge in order to put on a captivating performance that wowed all parents, staff, friends and family in attendance. We couldn’t be prouder of our girls for completing such a magical retelling of this famous tale. It is incredible to think that the students performed to such a high standard after just four days of rehearsals, creating memories which will stay with them forever.

Our audience was enthralled by the magical stories; the hilarious ‘Tale of the Beggar’, the terrifying ‘Tale of Ali Baba’s cave’, the unbelievable ‘Fisherman’s Tale’, and uplifting ‘Tale of the Prince and the Stone King’, and I know they will all join us in congratulating our fabulous students for a job very well done.

To view photo’s from Scheherazade, please click here

“I enjoyed the pressure of performing in a week. Everyone worked well and hard.”

“It felt like a professional performance. It was amazing!”

“West End here we come!”

“I loved the way the play included different emotions – some tales made you laugh, some made you feel scared and some made you feel really hopeful.”

“I was really proud of myself when I made a mistake and managed to correct it.”

“Learning the dance was great fun and it looked really effective.”

“A real show stopper!”

“We managed to control our nerves, use our quick thinking to cover up anything that went wrong and felt very proud of what we achieved.”

“The Beggar scene was hilarious!”

“The lighting, set, memorable songs and lively acting made this the BEST SHOW EVER!”

“I was proud of myself.”

“A night that will go down in history at Northampton High!”

“All our rehearsing really paid off. I felt really engaged.”

“It was better than Billionaire Boy at the Derngate!”

“Who wouldn’t want to be a student at this school when we can be this good!”


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