A week in the life of: Leah

The first edition in our ‘A week in the life of’ series see us catch up with Upper Fifth student Leah

The week of the UWK National Karate championships was one of the most exciting, action packed and pressurised weeks, however I enjoyed every minute of it.

The week started on a high, with me winning two golds, a silver and a bronze. Although I was so happy and relieved that I performed at my best, I was so tired from the long day of travelling and competing.

Monday came as shock, quickly switching back to school mode, and realizing the busy week ahead. I knew I had to organise my time effectively around all my clubs, so I could get everything done.

Planning the week really helped me to feel in control and productive throughout the busyness without being overwhelmed.

Monday, I attended my Further Maths lesson at lunchtime and Spanish revision workshop after school. I then completed my homework before doing Karate training from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. Tuesday I attend PHSEE at lunchtime and Maths revision after school. I have Karate from 6.30pm to 8pm so have to make sure I do my schoolwork before and after it.

This week was unusual because I wanted to do my Sports Scholarship on Wednesday and my NEA project was on Friday. This meant that I had to do my Chemistry test a day early and do my Geography test at the weekend. I had to reorganise my evenings to catch up on the lessons I missed and do strength and conditioning-based Karate training as I was attending a selection trial for the World Championships on Sunday.

On Saturday, I had some down time, giving me the balance and energy I needed for Sunday and the following week. I also caught up with the missed work and ran through my Karate skills (without doing anything too physical so I was prepared for the next day).

What could have been a stressful week gave me a sense of pride and achievement because I was always on the go and able to concentrate on each task, making me feel productive. The balance and organisation meant that I wasn’t drained and was able to revise for my Physics test on my way home from the selection day. This took the pressure off the following week.

I recommend that all students organise and plan for busy weeks so that they are less stressed and overwhelmed, allowing you to achieve everything you need and want to. I trained for Karate every day except Wednesday and this allowed my mind to be clear and focused.

– Leah, U5S


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