Mrs H-T’s Christmas Chemis-Tree Spectacular!

Mrs Hodgetts-Tate and Mr Turney wow students and staff alike with their Harry Potter themed Christmas Chemistry show!

On Thursday 5 December, a packed out Senior School Hall was treated to what is now one of our favourite festive traditions, Mrs Hodgetts-Tates Ele-mental Chemis-Tree Spectacular! In an event loved by students and staff alike, Mrs H-T took the audience on a magical journey though the wizarding world of Harry Potter, by showcasing some truly mesmerizing chemistry.

The mind blowing experiments, expertly explained by our team of Sixth Formers, ranged from the Whoosh Bottle, the Hogwarts houses colourful fire and everything in between – including a whole lot of Troll snot – as the crowd gasped in awe as the magical reactions. Audience participation was required for some of the more tricky spells, as students helped to make different drinks with the ‘Aguamenti’ chant, with Mrs Down and Miss Kneen also on hand to get placed into their houses with the ’Sorting Bottle’ experiment.

The lecture was closed by Mrs H-T using her ‘Maruaders Map’ to reveal two themed messages; a Harry Potter mural designed by Fleur, and a Merry Christmas message from Mr Turney. A fantastic evening of entertainment, and one that all members of our school community, young and old, look forward to and enjoy. A huge thank you go to Mrs Hodgetts-Tate and Mr Turney for the organisation and running of the event, and to our Sixth Formers for their fantastic assistance. We are already looking forward to seeing what next year’s event brings!

Please click here to view more photos from the event.


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