6.1 Students travel to London for The Great Gatsby Experience

English students travel back to the 1920s for an engrossing evening

On the evening of Thursday 5 December, 6.1 English students travelled to London for ‘The Great Gatsby Immersive Experience’.

After being transported back to the 1920s, we arrived in London, feeling rather at home at Claridge’s in our flapper dresses (for a very brief stay only)! We were quickly engrossed in the parallel universe of Gatsby’s lavish mansion, following a story of wealth, love and deceit. Meeting key characters from the novella during the play and the interval, we gained an insight into their personal thoughts and feelings, with some of us even being invited into the mysterious Gatsby’s private quarters.

After an evening of excitement and with sore feet from learning ‘The Charleston’, we headed home. Arriving back in the early hours of Friday morning, we were still buzzing, but very much ready for bed! Katie, 6.1


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