Mr Donaldson visits local Primary School to talk about ‘Rain Town’

Mr Donaldson, Head of History at Northampton High and author, visited Yelvertoft to talk about his debut book ‘Rain Town’

On Thursday 7 November, Andy Donaldson Head of History and debut author of ‘Rain Town’, paid a visit to Yelvertoft Primary School, Northamptonshire to meet students and teachers.

Pupils at the school are currently halfway through reading ‘Rain Town’ and got their teacher to write to Mr Donaldson to see if he would come in and talk to them about the book. The children at Yelvertoft are currently working on their literacy with a focus on how to make their writing more descriptive, creative and imaginative. Andy got the class into pairs with one pupil using their imagination to describe a new character for ‘Rain Town’ whereas their partner had to draw and label it using the vivid descriptions given. Only at the end was the artist allowed to share their interpretation of the new character with the creator. Cue much excitement and hilarity when the big reveal occurred!

The visit was also a chance to catch up with former High School student Belynda Jones who is now teaching at the school. Belynda was incredibly grateful for the way that the High School had prepared her for life at university and also the challenges of a teaching career. It was amazing to see her manage the large numbers of pupils of wide ranging abilities in her class so effortlessly. Belynda talked a little about how grateful she was to her parents for giving her the opportunity to go to Northampton High; something that perhaps she didn’t appreciate at the time.

Mr Donaldson finished with a question and answer session about ‘Rain Town’ being careful not to give away any spoilers before the pupils finish the book!


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