Theology and Philosophy students enjoy a lecture with Professor Simon Blackburn

Students travel to Stowe School to enjoy the lecture from Cambridge University’s Professor Blackburn

On Tuesday 8 October, the Sixth Form Theology and Philosophy students travelled to Stowe School to listen to a lecture by Professor Simon Blackburn.

Professor Blackburn is a lecturer in Philosophy at Cambridge University and has written a number of philosophical books, including one of his most famous works called ‘Think’. After arriving at Stowe School, students enjoyed the opportunity to see the impressive rooms and grounds. Before the talk, Simon answered some questions about his past work and this really helped the girls to get a better understanding of his work as a Philosopher.

Students then listened to Simon’s talk on reason in reality, in which he drew on topics ranging from politics to psychology. One aspect of the talk that students found relatable to their studies was listening to Simon speak of the difference between faith and truth. Simon argued that faith is often immune to reasoning and criticism, whereas truth can be open to a more rational analysis. In the Theology and Philosophy A Level course, students explore this issue, by looking at how religious believers can refuse to allow their faith to be falsified and how this may lead to a blind faith (fideism). This was an exciting and thought provoking talk, which allowed the girls to consider new and fascinating aspects of Philosophy that extend away from what they usually learn within the classroom.


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