Students visit the #GDSTEM Conference at Imperial College London

Students visit the conference and listen to inspirational talks from Dr Helen Sharman, Dr Stella Pedrazzini, Dr Lidia Lonergan, Dr Eleonora D’elia and Dr Angela Kedgley

On Tuesday 24 September, 12 girls from Northampton High attended the #GDSTEM Conference that took place at Imperial College London.

To start the day, we had an inspirational talk from Dr Helen Sharman who was the first British astronaut to visit space. She talked about her exciting journey beyond the skies and what she did in that time period. Dr Sharman inspired many of us during her speech, and hoped that we would want to follow her in these footsteps. Later we went to learn about bio-engineering, Geo Science and material Science, and we thank Dr Stella Pedrazzini, Dr Lidia Lonergan and Dr Eleonora D’elia for taking the time to explain these interesting topics in Science for us. We all really enjoyed learning about these areas and hope to learn more in future.

In the afternoon, Dr Angela Kedgley talked to us about different woman STEM ambassadors that have made big differences to our world. We had lots of fun throughout the day, learning about different Sciences, meeting female pioneers and expanding our minds.


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