Students encouraged to explore the world of literacy with the help of acclaimed authors

Respected authors, Clare Mulley, Pippa Goodhart and Ross Welford, visited Northampton High School as part of our Arts Festival.

Northampton High continues its commitment to the world of books and reading, as we opened our doors to well-respected authors recently. Pupils warmly welcomed Clare Mulley, Pippa Goodhart and Ross Welford to our community over the last month, to explore their passion and love for all things literature.

In conjunction with our school Arts Festival, the acclaimed writers delighted in sharing their knowledge with enthusiastic audiences. Thought-provoking questions followed as students’ imaginations were peaked by the wonderful world of creative writing and inventive story telling.

The school’s dedication to the Arts, and in turn, literature and creative writing, has always been a priority. With state of the art libraries in both the Junior and Senior Schools bursting with popular and educational books, our pupils are actively encouraged to explore the world of books as part of their learning.

Whether Harry Potter or Twilight, Mark Twain or Roald Dahl is your passion, students are encouraged to read and explore their curiosity. We now look forward with excitement to the next academic year, by continuing to host more authors, and holding more recitals, competitions and challenges.


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