Students wow audiences with school production of Cats the Musical!

Girls of all ages create a smash hit production of the popular musical as part of our annual Arts Festival.

Students have been celebrating the success of our latest theatre production, ‘Cats’, a show that was performed as part of our annual Arts Festival. The cast, consisting of girls from both Junior and Senior School, wowed audiences with their take on the Andrew Lloyd Webber spectacular, in a show that featured the school orchestra providing all musical accompaniment, dance, gymnastics, first class singing and acting and even a ladies choir.

With an impressive back catalogue of shows including ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘A Doll’s House’ and ‘We Will Rock You’ to name just a few, students and staff challenged themselves to present our most ambitious production to date – and they certainly achieved that as a packed school auditorium delivered a rapturous standing ovation each and every night to the deserving cast and crew.

“This has probably been our most ambitious musical to date.” said the school’s Director of Theatre Clare Care. “It has been such a joy to see the choreography and singing come together with such a large, enthusiastic and committed cast”.

The production kicked off our Arts Festival, an annual event that was extended last year to a month long ‘season’, featuring visits from popular authors, poetry recitals and more, alongside the showcase Arts Invitational Evening on Thursday 27th June. The Invitational starts at 5pm and is a free event open to the public, and we welcome one and all to view exhibits from our talented students.

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