Mr Donaldson swaps the classroom for the typewriter with amazing debut novel

Head of History Andy Donaldson wows with the hilarious ‘Rain Town’, as he juggles his passion for writing with his love of teaching.

Andy Donaldson, Head of History here at Northampton High School, has made his exciting debut as an author with the hilarious ‘Rain Town’. After years of aspiring to become an author, Andy finally decided to put pen to paper for his first book after being inspired reading his young children bedtime stories.

In an interview with BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire’s John Fox, Mr Donaldson explained that the books he would read to his children didn’t make him or his kids laugh, and failed to make them think about feelings and emotions. “It’s a magical time reading stories at night with your kids, and you want to enjoy the story too”, Andy explained to Fox, and this was the final inspiration he needed to pursue his dream and enter the world of writing.

And thus, Rain Town was born. Juggling his passion for writing with his love of teaching was a challenging task, but one that was never to deter him from reaching his goal. After several years of work and dedication, Andy’s dream was realised when Rain Town was picked up by Troubador Publishers, and was made available to purchase from early 2019.

“Reading is massively important”, comments Mr Donaldson. “At our School we have a Library at the centre, and the kids are encouraged to read all of the time. You can instantly tell (when teaching) by the style of a student’s writing whether they are a reader or not, it shows through so so clearly. Reading is absolutely essential”.

Rain Town follows the lives of Sidney Rain, an ordinary man in an ordinary town, and his son Stanley, and ordinary boy with ordinary friends. When a mysterious theft takes place at his school, Stanley and his friends turn detective to help solve the mystery, whilst Sidney seeks his friends help to try and save his soul.

With a prequel, ‘Here come the Rains again’ already in progress, the future looks bright for this exciting new author. Rain Town is available to purchase on Amazon by clicking here.


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