Junior Singing Stars shine alongside talented Senior students

Last week saw the introduction of a new event – the Music Examination Class Showcase Evening

The event, designed to showcase some of the wonderful composition work completed by Upper Fifth and 6.2 students for their GCSE and A Level studies respectively, was a great opportunity for younger students to hear the work composed by older girls, and was coupled with a performance opportunity for girls in younger year groups.

The varied programme of music featured the composition pieces from a range of genres played to a spellbound audience, accompanied by the musical score on screen. The evening was punctuated by performances from talented musicians from across the school – from the Junior Recorder Ensemble to Zara playing Handel on her Harp, culminating ladies from the High School Community Chamber Choir singing a moving rendition of ‘I Remember’ with the Junior Singing Stars.

This end of term recital highlighted the amalgamantion of music-making across the schools, and will become, we hope, an annual celebration of musical talent in the busy school calendar.


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