6.2 students participate in first Open University ‘ACE’ LiveStream

Students studying Classics at A Level had the unique opportunity to take part in the Advocating Classics Education LiveStream

On Monday 1 April, The Classics department and 6.2 students were delighted to be able to participate in the first Open University/Advocating Classics Education (ACE) LiveStream.

In a facinating event, sessions included a Q&A on studying Classics at University, ‘inspirational’ moments when studying Classics at A Level, a Greek theatre seminar and mini-Dionysia festival by Dr Jan Heywood and Dr Christine Plastow, as well as a keynote discussion from Professor Edith Hall on how Aristotle can change our lives.

We were fortunate that Professor Hall answered two of our questions live, and were grateful to be a part of such a unique event.

3 Northampton High School students participating in first Open University 'ACE' LiveStream
The Open University 'ACE' LiveStream presentation.


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