Northampton High welcomes Mrs Fournès into school!

Marie Fournès has joined us for two weeks as part of the mobility programme offered by the CIEP and our eTwinning partnership

We are delighted to have been able to welcome a very special guest into the Northampton High School family.

Marie Fournès is a French native speaker, who teaches English at the Collège Louisa Paulin secondary school just outside of Toulouse. We are delighted to be able to welcome Marie into our community for two weeks as part of the mobility programme offered by the CIEP (International Centre of Pedagogical Studies).

Since her arrival last week, Mrs Fournès has been spending time in the classroom observing lessons and co-teaching some French lessons alongside the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) team. Marie has also been attending classes in different subject areas, to help her to formulate an understanding of the British educational system.

Mrs Fournès, along with Ms Diez from the MFL team, run an eTwinning project together, which involves Year 7 to 10 pupils in France, and Year 8 pupils from Northampton High. This project entitled ‘United Traditions’, aims to raise the students’ cultural awareness, promoting international openness alongside a Greek and Spanish school.

Marie’s presence in the school brings a concrete dimension to these projects, and we are having a wonderful time hosting her here in school.


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