Junior School uses eagle eyes for recent RSPB watch

Our amazing School Council joined us in assembly recently to launch the annual RSPB bird watch event.

All the girls in the Junior School were going to take part in this important activity, to report on the quantity and variety of birds in the British countryside and towns. The School Council led us through some important pointers in the assembly, such as being quiet so we do not scare the birds and wrapping up warmly. The messages were all delivered through excellent acting and fabulous clear diction.

Mrs Brandon-Jones then unveiled her special big chart which will help everyone to identify the birds. A number of the girls named some of the birds we may see, including magpies and wagtails. We also had a chuckle at the birds we would not see, such as the flamingo and parrot. We agreed we had not seen an ostrich walking in the school field lately! Last year one of our girls thought she may have seen an eagle! Unfortunately it was a not so exciting seagull.

As you can see from our photos, the girls all did very well in this task. We must have some budding environmentalists and vets among us. It is always important to take time and enjoy nature and our surroundings, we do hope the girls enjoyed themselves.



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