Femsock make donation to the charity Eve from our Period Poverty Week

Our Femsock society held a ‘Period Poverty Awareness Week’, where they collected items to donate to the cause

Femsock (Northampton High School Feminist Society) recently delivered an assembly to the Senior School students to raise awareness about period poverty in the UK. It was shocking for some students to realise that many girls their age have to choose between buying food or period items, but cannot afford both. A period is a natural aspect of being a girl/woman and in a developed country, like the UK, it is an upsetting reality that some girls simply cannot afford basic items like pads or tampons. Northampton High students listened to the testimony of other UK students who spoke about taking a day off school because there was no money to buy period items in the household, or having to use socks or tissues to try to manage their period.

Femsock wanted to make a change and held ‘Period Poverty Awareness Week’ in school where they collected donations of period items in red baskets left in reception. Femsock also had a nail bar where students could give a small donation to get their nails painted red. The funds and items raised were all donated to a local charity, Eve. Eve works tirelessly in the local community (Northamptonshire) to provide refuge, support and care to men, women and children who are affected by domestic abuse and violence. The age range of service users is typically between 18 and 30 years old and period items are an expensive but necessary pay out for women at this crucial time.

We look forward to holding other future events to raise awareness about periods and the cost of period items as well as forge stronger links with Eve, our local charity.


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