Betty meets BBC Radio Northampton!

Tom from BBC Radio Northampton joined us on Friday morning to meet Betty, and talk to our staff and students on the impact she has had in school.

What an exciting morning!

On Friday 15 June we were absolutely delighted to welcome Tom Percival, a radio journalist from BBC Radio Northampton, into school to talk to us all about or resident Labradoodle, Betty.

Tom and the team were fascinated to learn more about Betty, and were eager to speak to us about how Betty has fitted in with us and the impact she has had on staff and students like since her arrival.

Tom was absolutely besotted by Betty, and kicked off the first of our interviews with Dr Stringer. Dr Stringer spoke passionately about the benefits of having Betty in our school environment, and how her presence helps to support the young people in the school, especially during stressful periods such as exam season.

Mrs Purvey-Tyrer, who is Betty’s owner, spoke next and told Tom all about Betty’s routines and how she has affected her life inside and outside of the classroom. She has found that a lot of the younger girls find it easier to open up in the presence of Betty, and having her around can act as an important release at breaks and lunch times when girls need to talk.

Next it was the turn of Evie, Molly, Tanya and Lily from Senior School to chat to Tom about their excitement when they learnt of Betty’s arrival, and how having her here has had such a positive effect on school life. Although school can sometimes come with its stresses and pressures, all of the girls were in agreement that Betty is a fantastic stress relief for them, and they really feel they can open up in her presence.

Finally, we were delighted to welcome Charlotte, Ella and Harriet from the Junior School. The girls spoke superbly, explaining to Tom that when girls are feeling upset they can go and visit Betty to make them feel better. Harriet also explained that having Betty around is a huge help to girls who perhaps don’t have pets at home to get familiar with animals and their needs.

What a super occasion and a fantastic experience for our girls, and we give huge thanks to BBC Radio Northampton and to Tom who joined us throughout the morning. All of the girls spoke brilliantly about their experiences with Betty and how she has helped them, and we are delighted to see what such a positive impact she is having on our school community. We are looking forward to seeing this continue as both our girls and Betty grow in the future.

The broadcast is available below, along with the photos taking throughout the morning, with the times during the broadcast you can hear us speak also listed below.



Dr Stringer: 1 hour 24 mins 29 secs in
Mrs Purvey-Tyrer: 1 hour 57 mins 30 secs in
Senior Girls: 2 hours 24 mins 58 secs in
Junior Girls: 2 hours 54 mins 40 secs in


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