Brand Transformation

We are delighted to share the GDST’s brand transformation, raising the profile of our organisation and reinforcing perceptions that we offer the very best in teaching and pastoral care.

The new GDST branding was unveiled in schools across the country this week, along with the values that underpin the brand, representing how GDST vision will be achieved. GDST stands for:

We always put Girls First.  They are the focus of everything we do.
We are Forward-thinking.  We stay ahead through purposeful innovation.
We are Fearless.  We act and speak with conviction and commitment.  We are not afraid of thinking differently.
We are a Family.  We support each other and share our learning across our unique network.

All staff and girls watched the behind-the-scenes view of the new GDST film; we then had the opportunity to watch the new GDST film itself. The film, entitled ‘Our Spirit’, features 25 girls — one chosen from each of the GDST schools – talking about what it means to be a GDST girl. We were very proud to see our very own Chelsea featured in the film, representing our school.

The red button style logo has also been replaced by a clean and contemporary black logo (shown above), which will sit beneath the logos of each of the 25 GDST schools.

Click on the link below to watch the new GDST film.


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