Element-al Christmas Chemis-tree Extravaganza

The Chemistry department gave their inaugural Element-al Christmas Chemis-tree extravaganza in the Senior Hall.

With a large crowd enjoying the mince pies and hospitality, the stage was set for some explosions, bangs and colourful displays. Mrs Hodgetts-Tate began with the famous woosh bottle, burning propanol to make water with a fantastic whooshing flame. Another 14 experiments all related to Mrs Hodgetts-Tate’s family Christmas followed, including Mr Turney making iron using the Thermit at 2000 degrees C, turning red wine into various other drinks, blowing up a custard powder tin and exploding a mix of hydrogen and oxygen gasses. Luckily there were three Year 13 expert chemists, Ella, Beth and Lara on hand to explain the chemistry behind each experiment to the audience.

A big thank you must go to the estates team for their help setting up, Ella Ashton, Bethany Saunders and Lara Pieczka for their fantastic theory knowledge and finally a huge thank you to Mr Turney, whose expertise and dedication made the event possible.

We hope to see even more students and parents at the event next year.


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