Economics, Politics and History Trip to Parliament

Twenty-eight Sixth Form girls headed to the heart of our democracy aiming to learn more about how our political system works and also to offer their services to Mrs May in the Brexit negotiations.


We were greeted by guides at the fabulous Parliamentary Education Centre before passing though tight security to gain access to the awe inspiring Palace of Westminster. Our first destination was the House of Lords where our guide explained the part that the Lords play in the passing of laws. Central Lobby was extremely busy with journalists and MP’s as Prime Minister’s Questions had only just finished. Our next port of call was historic Westminster Hall, scene of the trial of King Charles I, place where Henry VIII used to play tennis and the host to great speeches by the likes of Nelson Mandela and other world famous political figures. After that, we sat in the Common’s Gallery above the famous green benches to listen to MP’s debate new proposals to make property rents fairer.

Later, we took part in a workshop exploring the different types and methods of Pressure Groups such as Greenpeace and the British Medical Association. A discussion and quiz about the female suffrage movement earlier in the Twentieth Century followed before the girls were split into teams and designed campaigns on causes that interested them, such as giving 16 year olds the right to vote. The final part of the day was a meeting with Chris Heaton-Harris MP, who kindly gave up time from his busy schedule to answer questions from the girls and staff. The best question was from his daughter Tess who asked him “what’s for tea?”

Hannah Berck-May – “I really loved the trip and would like to go again next year.”

Noor Hammad – “I’d definitely recommend this trip to any younger students. Studying Politics in the Sixth Form Elective has been fascinating.”

Mr Donaldson, Head of History


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