Shefali’s Work Experience at the Houses of Parliament

Northampton High School pupil Shefali has spent the week in parliament for her work experience placement.

The sixth form pupil contacted MP for Daventry, Chris Heaton-Harris, who invited her to join his team in Westminster. During the week, Shefali was given a tour of the Houses of Parliament, the Robing room and the House of Lords. She bore witness to Prime Minister’s Question Time and to the second reading of the EU Withdrawal Bill, experiencing lively debate in action. Shefali also got stuck in with the workload, helping Chris Heaton-Harris’ team with constituent cases and research.

During one lunch break, Shefali saw Jeremy Corbyn in Bellamy’s restaurant where she was eating and managed to get a selfie with him.

Shefali said, “I urge everyone to carry out some form of work experience whilst still in school, as it can offer many opportunities and open many doors. I was incredibly lucky to be involved in so many different events and cases over such a short time span and felt that my time in Westminster helped to develop my personal competencies and skills, as well as allowing me to discover new skills and learn valuable life lessons.”



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